Busy, Busy, Busy

The past two days have been crazy.  My old roommate, and good friend Allyson came into town last night right after I got done run group and is only staying here until tomorrow.  So sad.  On top of that, I have my first practical exam for my Neurological rehab class tomorrow.  It was supposed to be today but the whole schedule got shifted back a day (even more stressful!).

I did manage to get a work out in today, I didn’t want to get off track on my lifting days on the second day I was supposed to go, so this is what today’s workout looked like.


I hit the treadmill for about a 4 mile run first and then dove right in.  A few of these I feel I should define so here they are.

  • Arm Burners: dumb bell in each hand, curl then palms down raise arms in front of you, then palms down raise arms straight to side (be sure not to hike your shoulders!)
  • 2 step push ups: lower down half way, pause, then all the way, pause, half way up, pause, all the way up.  these help you be more stable and really use your muscles to control your movement
  • Core Alphabet: lay on back and draw the alphabet with your feet; for this work out I did A-M then N-Z then A-M again; 3 full alphabets would be really really hard!
  • If anything else is foreign to you, drop me a comment or email and I’ll explain!!

Gotta get to studying for this thing before everyone comes home.  Please pray for me between 12:30 and 1 tomorrow!