Being Goal Oriented Without A Goal

So begins the return to regular running but without any training goals in mind.  I have been training almost non stop for one race or another since last September.  It is a glorious feeling, but I feel so aimless.  I am Type A to the max so even though I’m not training, I will still have to have weekly goals.

To stay on track with my 1500 miles for the year goal, I need to run at least 29 miles a week, so this is my major goal each week.  I am also going to start a very basic strength training program to prevent injury and my goal is to do this 2x/week, most likely Tuesdays and Thursdays.  My last one is to go to a yoga class once a week which was another one of my goals for the year.

Meeting major goals like my yearly ones can only really be managed when broken down into tiny bite sized pieces.

I enjoyed my run so much today.  I didn’t look at my watch once for pace, I picked a route I wanted to go on and whatever distance it was, it was; however fast I was going, that was it and, ironically, I ran faster than I have in a long time.  I also, in a very silly way love that my runs have been ending in .93 or .24 or .49 instead of always being dead on a mile.  I had found all through training I was so focused how how to create my route to be the exact distance that I didn’t just use the time to think and relax and be calm (in my mind anyway).

Do you set small goals each day? Week? Month?

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