Camaraderie of Running

I love how much running can bring people together that would have never otherwise met.  Today on my jog around , toward the end I passed a man I had been following around the battery quite a while.  I ended up getting stopped at a red light and he caught up.  While we waited for our turn to go we chatted about race we have run and his gradual return for an injury.  The light turned green and we both continued on our way.  It was a fleeting conversation, but it was our common love of running that brought it on. There are so few times in life that you just strike up conversation with anyone on a street corner.  I find that runners are especially prone to this, we are quite a friendly group if I do say so myself.

Two pictures I had to snap along the way today.

2013-01-26 13.07.25 2013-01-26 13.07.35

Other than that, I finished my book today, The Beach Trees by Karen White, and I would highly recommend reading it.  It is pretty long but once I got into it, I got sucked in (which was bad because I have quite a bit of studying that absolutely needs to get done!).  The story follows a few families and a couple of different story lines that of course all come together in the end.

The Beach Trees

So now I will try to delve into my neuro notes to prepare for my practical Friday which I should have been doing all day instead of reading this book, whoops!  Unfortunately (although I am stoked about it) the next book in the Divergent series came in today, Insurgent, and I am so excited to read it.  I may have to read just one chapter before I start studying.  Famous last words…