Marathon Story: Charleston Edition

Another marathon in the books and it was a pretty good race.  The course was changed up quite a bit from last year (although I did the half last year so I am not sure how different the second half of the course was).

This was the first race since I started doing distance races (half and full marathons) that I didn’t PR.  Going in to the start I knew that I was not facing optimal conditions upon toeing the line.  After being sick for the week leading up to the race I woke up not able to breathe through my right nostril, at all.  Just a little important and since I had just run a marathon 2 months ago I knew the chance of a PR was much lower.

I decided at the start I would try to maintain my 8:12 pace for as long as I felt like I could and then reassess the situation.  The girls that work at Lululemon, many of them that I run with on Wednesdays, were at mile 4ish which was great motivation (although I could have really used them at mile 22).  I got to about mile 14 before I started to doubt I would make it at that pace, which was way longer than I thought I would be able to sustain that pace given the circumstances.  At that point, I decided just to run how I felt comfortable and not look at pace.  Without trying to I maintained about an 8:20 for miles 14-18 then my right big toe started to bother me.  By mile 19 I knew I was about to face a major problem.  I don’t know why but my toe must have been jamming in my shoe (which has never happened before in these shoes).  At 22, the pain had moved from my nail to my toe joint and I was fairly certain I had broken my toe or at least done some serious damage.  I was able to keep it moving through the end of the race but ended up finishing in 3:47:20, 4: 39 slower than Savannah.

race results

Even without a PR I feel completely content with my results.  I couldn’t have hoped for any better after the series of stupid decisions I made and the illness I had been fighting.  I am now sicker than I had been yet, which I should have expected after running a marathon sick, that certainly wasn’t going to make me better.

Celebration!  Im sure that didn't help my sickness either.  No regrets though!!

Celebration! Im sure that didn’t help my sickness either. No regrets though!!

When I got home, I showered, took Scarlett for a long walk so that I didn’t just sit down and get all stiff and sore.  I got myself a delicious treat, Crepe with nutella, banana and crushed pecans.  The picture doesn’t even do it justice.

So delicious!

So delicious!

Saw this on a car after the race, thought it was too hilarious not to share.

Saw this on a car after the race, thought it was too hilarious not to share.

We went for dinner with our friends that came for Savannah.  I love that on marathon day I can let myself eat whatever I want and not even feel a little bit bad about it.  I took full advantage of this at dinner.

Straight up southern food for dinner.  Fried chicken with gravy, mac and cheese and home fries! YUM!

Straight up southern food for dinner. Fried chicken with gravy, mac and cheese and home fries! YUM!

As convenient as it was to run Charleston, I don’t think I did my best prep for it.  By that I don’t mean training because I was consistent in that.  What I mean is that it wasn’t as much of a production so I didn’t do the things I usually do pre-race.

When I have to travel for a race, I buy food that I need for the car and make sure I have gatorade and water ready.  The expo is such a big deal and I am just overall more excited about it.  For this race since I didn’t have to travel, I didn’t have gatorade (I forgot to go get some), going to the expo was just another chore of the day after going to class.

All that said, I am glad I did this race, I just think I get a lot more out of the experience when it is a somewhat of a trip/weekend adventure.

So whats next:

I plan to run a half or two this spring and run and just keep my miles up.  I am looking forward to not running on a schedule for a few months and just running what I feel like each day.  I am also going to get in the weight room and strengthen up these little legs!  The plan as of now is to run my next marathon in the Fall which will give my body plenty of time to recover and be ready to take on another PR and hopefully a Boston qualifier!

Heading off to relax, revel in my accomplishments and watch this 49ers game!

2 thoughts on “Marathon Story: Charleston Edition

    • Gonna lose the nail in the next few days and they said I probably have a grade I strain in a ligament on my toe. Just gotta take in easy until it feels better but it’s not feeling too bad today.

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