2 days…

With two days left until the race I decided to check the hourly weather forecast for race morning.  Let me preface my frustration with the fact that it has been in the 70’s for two weeks, until tonight.  At the race start it will be 30 degrees.  SERIOUSLY!  And, when I ran the half of this race last year, the exact same thing happened, only it was 25 at the start.  At least I will get to wear my nice warm weather clothes.

Today I did a different yoga routine.

I liked what was addressed in the video but it was a little more fast paced than I would have preferred.  I just wished I had a little bit more time in each of the postures.  It was good for getting to all the muscle groups I needed to stretch for running.

More exciting news.  A woman from the local news station called me to see if I was willing to be interviewed about the race tomorrow morning.  Down side: I have to be there at 5:45 am.  Upside it will be good to get up early so I will be tired early and will have practiced getting up early for the race.  So if you are in the Charleston Area and watch Live 5 News I will be on at 6ish, 6:30ish and 7ish.

For dinner we tried a recipe I found on pinterest and it was delicious!  It is from Picky Palate and I highly recommend it.


Click picture for link to recipe.  The only thing is that it is a little involved so if you aren’t super good at managing a few pots and pans of food it can be a little challenging.  I thought there would be plenty of left overs…there were none.  My boyfriend’s brothers pretty much took care of all of those.

One more day to the weekend, and one more day till race day for me!

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