Train for Charity

Almost all races you do have some cause they are supporting, whether you know about it or not.  But races can be expensive and the amount of money that actually goes to the charity is usually not anywhere close to the registration fee.  (Not that I don’t love racing, I am all about races but they do add up).

Im so super excited about an ap I learned about today on Kelly and Michael.  Its called Charity Miles.  With this ap, you turn it on while you run/walk/bike and for every mile you go, a certain amount of money (between 10 and 25 cents) per mile is donated to whatever charity you choose.  There are soooo many to pick from too and the beautiful thing is you can do a different one for every workout if you so choose.

2013-01-15 11.59.39

I immediately downloaded the ap and it is sooo easy to use.  You just choose your charity and hit start when you begin.  I chose Partnership for a Healtheir America which supports ending childhood obesity.  I am so bummed I didn’t know about this when I was in the heat of marathon training pulling 50+ miles a week.    Talk about even more motivation to get your butt on the road.  

Click here for link to Charity Miles website

In other news, Scarlett got her spay today.  She is pretty lethargic but seems to be doing well, poor girl.

2013-01-15 15.36.55

I love her ears in this picture! 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone!


I am so excited race week is finally here!!


Todays run was 4 miles easy.  Easy was supposed to describe it but wasn’t so accurate. After eating cooked vegetables in balsamic for lunch and running a few hours after like 3 times now and having my stomach be upset, I’m not going to do that anymore.  Rocket science, right?  My stomach just felt acidic and like I wanted to throw up the whole time even though I was taking it easy.  I’m sure the fact that it was 82 degrees today didn’t help either.

I have to make an addendum to the “yoga once a week” goal for this week.  I like to the go to yoga class on Friday afternoons but I am always a little sore the next day depending on where the focus was for the night.  I don’t want to risk being sore for the race so in lieu of the class, I am going to at least do the yoga for runners youtube video once a day until the race.  Still getting the yoga in without risking it for the race.

My favorite part of race week is the excuse to eat carbs.  They are my favorite food group, hands down, no questions asked.  Tonight I made a Chicken Bruschetta Pasta. Super easy and so delicious.  I started making this at home after having it at The Cheesecake Factory and being blown away by it.

2013-01-14 20.03.57

Scarlett has to go for her spay and hernia surgery tomorrow so we are spending special time with her for the rest of the night.  I know it is no big deal really but I still feel bad.  Pray for her tomorrow!

5 days until race day!

What are your favorite things about race week?