Swap it Out Sunday

Luckily, the worst seems to be over with this illness.  I am still a little stuffy but am definitely on the upswing.  I am going to try to get my 12 miler in this afternoon especially since it is 75 degrees out, on January 13th!!

For this weeks swap it out Sunday I am delving into the most important condiment of our breakfasts, SYRUP!!  Most weekend days we make a fairly involved breakfast.  One day usually goes more in the eggs/bacon direction and the other day is pancakes.  Especially since I found a healthier alternative pancake recipe in a recent issue of Runner’s World magazine.  But the syrup kills you; talk about packing in the calories, holy moly.

PicMonkey Collage

Regular syrup: 1/4 of a cup packs in 220 calories and 38 grams of sugar!  And lets be honest, its hard to limit yourself to a measly quarter cup.  Using this syrup, there is more calories in my syrup than in the pancakes themselves!

Sugar free syrup:  1/4 cup had 20 calories and no sugar and has 8 grams of fiber!!  Wooo Hoo.

Let say you use syrup once a week.  Thats a 200 calories difference a week.  10,400 calories over the year.  This would save you 3 pounds over the year.  If you pair it with skim milk instead of whole, that would add up to 10 pounds over the year!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and that you are in a place with weather as beautiful as here!

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