Waking up late

Everyone knows that feeling when you wake up, lay there for a while, think dang I really woke up way before my alarm this morning and then you look at the clock to see you’re 30 minutes late.  I have no idea what I was thinking last night when I was setting my alarm but apparently I thought today was Thursday and that was when the alarm was set to go off.  Of course my first class today was one where we get a grade penalty for being tardy and I am NEVER late.  Not a good look on the second day of class, but I made it at 7:58.  Yay!

Luckily, this was not a sign of the rest of the day.  It was a gorgeous 70 degrees today which made going to run club awesome.  I rocked my running skirt and a race tee-shirt and that was all I needed!  Doesn’t get better than that on January 9th!  Or does it…

It does.  At the end of the run tonight before we went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom, the coordinator asked if I would like to lead next week’s run.  I was soooo excited, I forgot that next week is the marathon and I am only supposed to run Monday and Friday but oh well, 5 extra miles won’t hurt me.

So now I am pouring over all my runs, looking for one that is my favorite to take everyone on.  I know it really isn’t that big of a deal but I am stoked.  Great way to end a day that started not so great.

Have any of you ever led a group run?  Any advice?

2 thoughts on “Waking up late

  1. Congrats! That’s very exciting that you will be leading a group run! I LOVE Mellow Mushroom! I was introduced to Mellow Mushroom when I lived in Atlanta. Unfortunately, we don’t have any in PA!

    • Thank you! I had never been there for I started running with this group. Don’t be jealous though, there are no cheese steaks, bagels and most places have terrible pizza (other than mellow). You are definitely in a better place for the down and dirty awesome food (if you can’t tell, I’m from up there!)

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