Getting Started Running

A friend of mine has asked me to post about how to get started running.  First off I have to say that I am not a personal trainer and am currently only a student of physical therapy (no credentials yet).  Before you start running, it is good to check in with your doctor and make sure everything is A-okay with them.  Most likely, he/she will be thrilled and more than supportive!

In my opinion, the best way to start running is to start walking.  Set a realistic goal of time (I like to say to start between 20-30 minutes) and go for a brisk walk for this amount of time.  Once this is attainable, the schedule below is a great place to start.  I formulated this for a friend that was running her first 5k this past summer.  She said it really worked well for her and she really enjoyed the race…she did the Color Run (I was super jealous!).


Disclaimer about starting running!

I have met very few runners in my life that loved it from the first time they laced up their sneakers.  Its may take some time to actually find that you love going every day, but before you know it, it becomes a part of your every day life and the days you don’t go running feel wrong.

Since today is Monday, its a great day to get started!

Cliche but true!

Cliche but true!

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