Running Pet Peeves

During my run today I thought about a lot of things I wanted to blog about but the one that keeps coming up in my head is my number one running pet peeve.

PS. I don't know this people, just demonstrating the point!

PS. I don’t know this people, just demonstrating the point!

If you are walking on a sidewalk 4 people wide and someone is running toward you, half of you move to the side and allow the runner to pass.

Living in a fairly large tourist city this is a problem I experience a lot.  There are certainly roads that as a runner I know not to try and trek down (King street, Market street, etc).  The battery however is never going to be one I avoid due to tourist traffic.  It is just too beautiful and there is plenty of space for everyone to get by.

I just had to get that off my chest, so runners and non-runners alike that may read this post can head the warning because soon I may start throwing bow (just kidding).

On a more positive note, there were so many runners/walkers/bikers etc out today.  It was a beautiful day but I was astonished to see such an active community out exercising.  Nothing motivates me more on a run than passing another runner!

16 miles down, the rest of training is a cake walk now.  Just have to get this body healthy and rested for the big race in 2 weeks…THATS RIGHT, 2 WEEKS!!

Do you have any running pet peeves you just have to get off your chest?

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