Swap It Out Sunday

Since Sundays are always a rest day and I therefore have nothing interesting to blog about usually, I have decided to implement Swap It Out Sunday.

Every time you eat something you are making a choice.  Some choices can really add up over time so I want to show people what a little choice they make every day, every week or so on can really add up over the year.

For my first edition, lets take a look at milk.


Skim Milk:  90 calories a serving, 720 calories for a half gallon

Whole Milk: 146 calories a serving, 1168 calories for a half gallon

So if you currently go through a half gallon of milk a week (I probably use more than this, big cereal eater!) the difference would be 448 calories for the week.

Over the year drinking skim milk instead of whole would save you 23,296 calories.  Thats over 6 and a half pounds!!

What a simple change to save yourself 6 pounds.

Casey refuses to drink skim because he says it tastes like water, but I have convinced him to switch to 2%!  Yay.  I still stick to skim, but that downgrade for him has saved him 9,984 cals a year and 3 pounds.  So if you can’t drink skim as well, whatever decrease in milk fat you can tolerate can really make a difference!

Running Pet Peeves

During my run today I thought about a lot of things I wanted to blog about but the one that keeps coming up in my head is my number one running pet peeve.

PS. I don't know this people, just demonstrating the point!

PS. I don’t know this people, just demonstrating the point!

If you are walking on a sidewalk 4 people wide and someone is running toward you, half of you move to the side and allow the runner to pass.

Living in a fairly large tourist city this is a problem I experience a lot.  There are certainly roads that as a runner I know not to try and trek down (King street, Market street, etc).  The battery however is never going to be one I avoid due to tourist traffic.  It is just too beautiful and there is plenty of space for everyone to get by.

I just had to get that off my chest, so runners and non-runners alike that may read this post can head the warning because soon I may start throwing bow (just kidding).

On a more positive note, there were so many runners/walkers/bikers etc out today.  It was a beautiful day but I was astonished to see such an active community out exercising.  Nothing motivates me more on a run than passing another runner!

16 miles down, the rest of training is a cake walk now.  Just have to get this body healthy and rested for the big race in 2 weeks…THATS RIGHT, 2 WEEKS!!

Do you have any running pet peeves you just have to get off your chest?