Another Gloomy Day

Another rainy miserable day in Charleston forced me onto the treadmill again.  Had it been a shorter run I probably would have stuck it out in the weather but I didn’t want to get 4.5 miles from my house and face a downpour.  Stuck it out on the treadmill for 9 miles…wooo hooo.

Other than my run I just read my book and did some healthy baking.  This is great because I can bake it today and then eat it for breakfast until it runs out.  I split the calories and other nutritional information based on six servings but I am thinking it will really be closer to 9!

We also had another healthy dinner: Spinach, Mushroom, Onion and Goat Cheese Quesdilla.  Yumm!

2013-01-03 19.38.39

Very good.  If I were just making it for me I would have added a little balsamic vinegar to the veggies while they were cooking for just a little more flavor but that is a no go with Case so we just went olive oil.  Healthy filling dinner with lots of servings of veggies!

Happy to say, still on track with my >5 servings of veggies and >8 glasses of water today.  This water thing is a pain though, I feel like I go to the bathroom 12 times an hour.

I am looking to make an effort to really change up breakfast from just eating cereal every day.  Does anyone have some other good breakfast recipes to share?

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