Oh the Irony

I have been MIA for a few days.  Thursday I got my four miler in and then Scarlett and I hit the road for about 10 hours.  Then yesterday I decided to delay my long run until today so I could just unpack, hang out and relax with Casey.

Then I woke up this morning and started reading my book and pretty much decided I wasn’t going.  About an hour after that decision I changed my mind, threw my gear on and headed out before I could change my mind again.  I headed out with no direction and ended up quite a few places I have never been.  The view was beautiful and I enjoyed the run a lot.

2012-12-30 12.48.22

2012-12-30 12.48.24

2012-12-30 12.48.28

Because I hadn’t planned out my run at all, I ended up back at home covering 17 miles.  I had had enough and had gone way further than the 0 miles I had planned on in the morning.  7 hours post run, I am so glad I stopped when I did.  My legs are in pain, like tons of ice, ibuprofen, achy, miserable pain.

I think my body is finally saying for real that it needs a break.  I am fairly certain that I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS).  Ironically, I did my final research paper on diagnosis and management of PFPS in physical therapy.


1.  Pain with ascending stairs

2.  Pain with descending stairs

3.  Pain with squatting/jumping

4.  Pain while running

5.  Pain after sitting for prolonged periods

Right now I am mostly having the pain up and down stairs and after getting up from sitting.  Luckily I don’t have it while I am running (knock on wood).  The bad part about this is that it doesn’t have a quick fix solution.  I need to work on strengthening my quadriceps, hip external rotators and hip abductors which will be a long process to do it right.  As of now, I will run this race take a little rest to relieve my sore muscles and then dive into strengthening my legs and hips.

So my post race work outs now have a direction, lets just hope the body can hold out three more weeks!

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