Birthdays and Packing

Today was my youngest brother’s 14th birthday.  What that means to me…I’M OLD!  We had a full day of eating so I had to make sure I got my run in even though the weather was horrible!

We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, which was delicious (but terrible for me I’m sure).  Then I had to visit the dentist to get a cleaning and filling.  I despise the dentist and have since I was about five.  One time my mom was so mad I didn’t get in the chair that she tried to scare me by leaving me there and driving around the block.  Because I am still going to the same dentist, I hear this story every time I go.  Nothing like small town charm.  Also, someone suggested to me to wear headphones during the filling so I didn’t have to hear the drill which made such a world of difference.  If you haven’t tried it, I’m telling you thats the way to go!

I came home and went straight for me run so I couldn’t think about it long enough to change my mind.  The run for today was 10 miles with 8 miles at marathon pace (8:12 hopefully).  It was COLD!  Like 30 degrees feels like 18 degrees cold.  The wind was like 30 mph.  Moral of this story: I did NOT want to go on this run.  But I put on every big of cold running gear I have and did it.  Other than the two miles that I had to go head first into the wind, it really wasn’t that bad.  My splits were even good…


Mile 5 was straight into the wind the whole mile, but still not bad.  I am so glad I went too because we went to dinner at a great BBQ place here called Bethany Blues and I got ribs and Mac and cheese and creamed corn and enjoyed every second of it.  We didn’t do dessert at the restaurant because we had gone and gotten Ben’s favorite cake…Cracker Barrel Coco-Cola Cake.  It was soooooo good, but so rich.  I had the tiniest piece and it felt so decadent.

Ben turned 14!!

Ben turned 14!!

Happy birthday to my little brother!  Unfortunately, I planned to stay just through his birthday so Scarlett and I will be hitting the road again after I get my run in.  I am excited to get home and see Casey and get back to a routine but it always sucks leaving home, especially when I know it is probably going to be a year before I am back again.

Happy almost Friday everyone!

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