A little Fockey

Every year since a girl I went to high school with passed away there has been a Field Hockey Tournament in her honor.  The tourney raises money for her scholarship fund and Easter Seals.  This was the first year I have been able to play since it started.

What I learned…I am TERRIBLE at field hockey now.  It didn’t help that it was inside which makes it super fast and that it has been like 7 years since I have picked up a stick.  All the rules are different and I was just so uncoordinated (exactly why I run now).  All that being said, we had a really great time.  My legs are bruised up because I couldn’t find my shin guards.

I didn’t do my long run today because we had 4 games and it was pretty exhausting.  I am in shape for running, but not hockey shape.  I am going to be SORE in my rear tomorrow from all the squatting.  The wind today was insane (like 30 mph) too so it will work out hopefully for tomorrow to be a better day to run anyway.

Tomorrow will be a packed day, start to finish…

~breakfast with my grandpa

~15 mile run

~try to watch some of the games (since I am in the championship in my fantasy league)

~local memorial service for Newtown children and teachers

~dinner with the grandparents

~bonfire my friend Kathy is throwing

~drinks with two of my best friends to top off the night

Looks pretty much like a run from 8 am to 11 at night.  Thats what happens when you only come home once a year though.  Having a great time at home, I am just going to need to hibernate for like 2 days when I get back to Charleston to catch up on sleep.

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