Home at Last!!

So after 9 and a half hours in the car yesterday, WE MADE IT!!

2012-12-19 15.28.33

She did sooooo great in the car…we only had to stop 3 times and she didn’t even pee at all in the car.  I was one happy mama.

Yesterday was luckily a rest day so when I got home I just hung out with the family for a few hours and then went and saw some of my wonderful friends from my beach patrol for a drink.

It is amazing how much I have done in the 26 hours since I got here.  It astounds me how early everyone here gets up to do things.  I am fully aware that I operated on this schedule not long ago but I am so out of it right now I am having a hard time adjusting.

Today I: went to see my little cousin’s christmas program, went to brunch with my grandma and mom, baked all of this (the stand up Kitchen Aid mixer is AMAZING)…

2012-12-20 19.28.32

…went for a 7 mile run, went to my little brothers swim meet and went to dinner with my family.  I am exhausted just recapping it all.  Every day I am home always feels like a sprint to the finish!

Today’s run was good but I can’t figure out how to slow myself down.  The run today was 7 miles with 5 miles at marathon pace.  Great, that is 8:12 miles.  Perfect, I can just settle right in to this thing.  WRONG.  My splits looked like this…


If anyone has a good strategy to keep yourself at pace, especially early in runs please help a girl out…I am fine to run 7:45 miles if I am doing a ten miler or maybe a half but I need to figure out how to control my own pace for the marathon without a pacer!  I have my GPS watch that constantly monitors my pace but I don’t want to just stare at the thing the whole time.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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