Football and Gingerbread Houses

It is officially the playoffs for fantasy football and I am in there!!  I am posted in my spot on the couch looking at four tvs with four different games about to be on them thanks to my crazy (but I love it) boyfriend.  If you couldn’t already tell, we LOVE football!

2012-12-16 12.59.22

Last night we went to a friends house to have dinner and a gingerbread making contest.  We had some wine (see pinterest in action below) and chatted for a while before getting down to business.

Frozen berries for ice cubes!

Frozen berries for ice cubes!

2012-12-16 01.17.03

We thought it was going to be mainly a girl driven affair, but once we got started the guys really took over the construction process.  Casey, who builds for a living, was throwing words like “caulk” and “fascia” into our home building process which was quite over my head!

2012-12-15 22.15.18

Clay and Lindsey's!

Clay and Lindsey’s!

Casey and Mine...we went for whimsy!

Casey and Mine…we went for whimsy!

Big Co and JK's masterpiece!

Big Co and JK’s masterpiece!

Our Christmas Village

Our Christmas Village

We had such a good time, I highly recommend doing this with your peeps.  Hope everyone has a great Sunday and I wish you all great fantasy luck!

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