Its the Holiday Season…

I am not doing my long run today!  I just woke up today and decided it wasn’t in the cards (or in the legs).  I realized last night that I haven’t had a single unscheduled moment since I finished finals and I was just going to have a relaxing, do what I want kind of day.  I knew if I headed out I was going to be fighting through each and every mile.  I have four weeks until the race and one last good long run left (22 miles) in two weeks.  Taking today off will rejuvenate me mentally for the next weeks of training which is really the most important thing.  My legs are ready, now its all in the head!

Yesterday, I finished making up my Christmas baskets for our friends here.

2012-12-14 12.20.08

2012-12-14 12.20.18

2012-12-14 12.45.47

2012-12-14 12.46.11

They turned out so great, I was so excited.  Then I went and had lunch with my friend Lindsey who just found out she passed her Professional Engineering (PE) Exam.  We got the dogs together to play and they actually played for the first time.  Scarlett can’t keep up with Georgia even a little bit speed wise but they had a great time as did we.

2012-12-14 15.07.56

When I came home I went for my short run and I guess my lunch didn’t agree with my run because I thought I was going to throw up the whole run and then for about two hours after.  My stomach still isn’t completely settled.  I don’t know if it was the lunch or the terrible acts in Newtown, CT yesterday that have my stomach all jumbled.

We went and saw the lights in James Island County Park with Clay and Lindsey and Georgia last night…it was Scarlett’s first time!  She did great and I really think she liked it.


2012-12-14 21.07.53

2012-12-14 21.37.15

2012-12-14 21.38.02

Awesome Sand Sculpture

Awesome Sand Sculpture

Scarlett's big ears got in the way...still good!

Scarlett’s big ears got in the way…still good!

Riding home

Riding home

We had such a great night with great friends.  And for the rest of this day, until we go to JK and Big Co’s tonight for a gingerbread house making contest (pictures to come) this will be me…

Post Finals

Good luck to you all doing long runs today, with you in spirit…I’ll join you again Monday!

3 thoughts on “Its the Holiday Season…

    • Thanks for the support…everyone is always cheering you on when you are going for the 20 miler, very few will support taking and RNR day (even if I did do 20 last week!)

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