happy dog

So that is pretty much me right now!  I am done my finals, just completed my take home final to be turned in tomorrow and am officially on my first break since May!!  I’m going to read books, knit, bake (since I haven’t done that in what seems like forever now), clean my house and oh yeah…RUN!

I played major musical work outs this week so here is the new Tuesday-Thursday.

Today (Tuesday): 10 miles with 8 at MP (8:12); originally scheduled for thursday

Tomorrow: 9 miles easy (5 with lululemon group) originally schedule for today

Thursday: swim (originally wednesday)

I wanted to make sure I got my run at pace in and the group run is very variable in pace so I wanted to have my easy run fall on that day.  I am so excited to run with them again.  I haven’t be able to go since before Thanksgiving!!

work out

I went and ran on the treadmill again today so I could closely monitor my pace but I should have recognized last week as the fluke that it was.  It wasn’t a bad run, but I most certainly didn’t enjoy it like I did last week.  I just need to wake up and face the music…I’m am outside runner, thats all the is to it!  Wind, rain, snow (as much as they suck), they will always be superior to the treadmill for me!

P.S. woke up pretty sore from that PBfingers circuit I did yesterday…that thing is no joke and I didn’t even do it all the way!

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