Monday Blues

Combine a regular Monday with two final exams and the promise of more studying to next day and I’m pretty sure anyone would get the Monday Blues.

My first one was at 10 and it wasn’t terribly difficult so I was done by 10:30 and decided I could get my run in before my next exam at 2.  I needed some time to not think about school and if I just hung out at home waiting for the next exam I would have been miserable.  I stretch, went for a run and did PBfingers 10-6 circuit.  Check that blog out by the way, she is awesome and is actually where I got inspired to start.

PBfingers circuit

PBfingers circuit

I only did 10-8 because I was slightly pressed for time and didn’t want to be in a rush trying to shower and have lunch and have a little time to review for my next test.

By the time I got out of the shower, my first exam grades were available (talk about instant gratification) and it went great so I was newly motivated keep chugging.  The second one didn’t go quite as great, it was pretty hard but its over and done with now.

So the rest of the night I am studying for my last final and by 10 o’clock tomorrow the only thing that stands between me and my break will be finishing up my take home pharmacology final which I am more than half way done.  I am in the home stretch!!

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