Monday Blues

Combine a regular Monday with two final exams and the promise of more studying to next day and I’m pretty sure anyone would get the Monday Blues.

My first one was at 10 and it wasn’t terribly difficult so I was done by 10:30 and decided I could get my run in before my next exam at 2.  I needed some time to not think about school and if I just hung out at home waiting for the next exam I would have been miserable.  I stretch, went for a run and did PBfingers 10-6 circuit.  Check that blog out by the way, she is awesome and is actually where I got inspired to start.

PBfingers circuit

PBfingers circuit

I only did 10-8 because I was slightly pressed for time and didn’t want to be in a rush trying to shower and have lunch and have a little time to review for my next test.

By the time I got out of the shower, my first exam grades were available (talk about instant gratification) and it went great so I was newly motivated keep chugging.  The second one didn’t go quite as great, it was pretty hard but its over and done with now.

So the rest of the night I am studying for my last final and by 10 o’clock tomorrow the only thing that stands between me and my break will be finishing up my take home pharmacology final which I am more than half way done.  I am in the home stretch!!

A Runner’s Christmas List!

A good portion of these items I have now and use, but some of them are on my Christmas List too.  There is a wide price range in this list, so a little something for everyone.

Wright Sock

Wright Sock

I got my first pair of these when I was having blister issues and now I try to buy a new pair each time I do a major race.  They are pretty expensive (usually like $9 or so a pair) so I am trying to slowly acquire them.  They come in all sorts of colors, I got the hot pink ones for the Savannah Marathon!!  Love these, highly recommended.

Sweaty Band

Sweaty Bands

I got my first one of these for Savannah and I love it.  This one above is the one I have. Again, its something that is a little more expensive that I would usually buy for a headband ($12) but has been very durable.  It stays in place so well and holds back my fly aways!



Gu, or any other type of energy gel (distance runners are specific about what they use usually) are a staple.  A box of 24 usually runs you about $24 on amazon.  I usually use 2-3 a week while training and about 4 over the course of a marathon.  This really adds up.  Check with your runner about their flavor, I did chocolate for about two years and now I am running strong with Mandarin Orange but I stay consistent for a long while.


Audible Gift Card

I have fallen in love with running to books on tape.  These things are expensive though.  With audible you can buy a membership, there are varying levels, and get so many free books (usually 1 or 2) a month.  This is a great gift for someone who enjoys the book for running or if someone does a lot of driving/traveling.

Nike Soft-Hands Hoodie

Nike Soft-Hands Hoodie

I tried this on at the Savannah expo and didn’t buy it but I ended up looking it up on when I got home.  My good fortune found it on sale for $35.  I am actually wearing it right now.  It is great to lounge around in and awesome to run in.  Nike really thought this one out, thumb holes, flip covers for you fingers, a key pocket in the back, reflective pads, and a pony tail hole.  I love it so much, I asked Casey to get another one for me for Christmas.

Nike Fanatic Jacket

Nike Fanatic Jacket

This one is on my Christmas list.  It doesn’t get that cold in Charleston, but the wind can be a pain.  I think this is going to be a good outer layer where I can put an under armor base layer under and be pretty set even if it is really cold.  There are like 26 different colors out there so google it instead of just going to nike, all sorts of companies are selling it (REI, Finish Line, Dicks, etc).  Nike only has 2 colors available on their site for some reason.

Lululemon Gloves

Lululemon Brisk Run Gloves

This is another one on my list.  I have read mixed reviews about these.  I am not in need of the most warm gloves in the world living here in Charleston but I hate when my hands get cold.  Once winter really sets in, my hands are ALWAYS cold so gloves are a must.  I am currently running in my ski gloves which not only looks ridiculous but it is a little much and my hands start sweating out of control.

UA Compression Tights

Under Armour Cold Weather Compression Tights

Casey got me these for my birthday.  I have only worn them one time, when we were in PA and it snowed.  But that was enough to sell me for good.  My legs didn’t even have any idea it was 28 degrees and snowing.  If you live some where cold, I highly recommend these.  For $49, these are a deal and will be looooved by your runner.

Runners World Magazine

Runner’s World Magazine

This is fairly inexpensive but a gift that can be appreciated all year long.  I love this magazine from the gear tips, training advice and motivational stories.  Sometimes when I don’t feel like heading out, I can just read an article and get amped up.  Great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift.

Hope this list can help you shop for the runner in your life, or give you some ideas on goodies for yourself!!

I Get Scarlett for Christmas!!

Fairly average Sunday for me, sat around all day and watched football.  I did spend a good bit of time studying unfortunately, but it will all be over soon.  Three more days!!

Two days ago, my mom called me and told me she wanted me to bring the puppy home for Christmas.  I hadn’t thought this was going to be an option, so I hadn’t broached the topic with Casey yet.  We decided to bet on the Eagles game today.  I was pretty sure I was making a mistake since we hadn’t won a game in two months.  Even down to the very end, with :02 seconds to go we were down by 5 and by some grace of god we had a touchdown pass to win the game.  Now, with about 4 minutes left I started whining to Casey that even if I lost I wanted her which I felt bad about, but I would have respected the bet had I lost (even if it was accompanied by some whining, haha).

Scarlett just hanging out in her leaf pile!

Scarlett just hanging out in her leaf pile!

So I get to take this girl home with me in a little over a week…my brothers are through the roof.  My youngest brother Ben (a die hard Raven’s fan) rooted for the Eagles for this first time in his life today.

Casey concocted some awesome chili.  I threw some fat free mexican cheese and fat free sour cream in the mix and topped it with some corn bread.  Fairly healthy without the corn bread, but hey, there is a reason I ran 20 miles yesterday…

2012-12-09 18.29.36

This was a purely Casey production so I don’t have the recipe sadly.  When I asked him he laughed at me, he just pretty much starts throwing things in the crock pot and calls it a day.  But if it works, it works!

Hope everyone had a great Sunday, prayers appreciated for my two finals tomorrow!