Hitting the Treadmill

I am pretty much the last person that runs on the treadmill on a whim, and especially not when I have 10 miles ahead of me.  The being said, I have no idea what got in to me today.  I left my class fully intending on hitting the road.  I popped a protein ball to stave off hunger and then, all of a sudden I was on my bike headed for the gym.

Most days when I am forced onto the treadmill due to weather I convince myself it isn’t as bad as I remembered, but that only lasts for about 2 miles tops.

Today however, I had a great treadmill run.  My run was supposed to be 10 miles with 7 at marathon pace (hopefully 8:12).  I am not that great at controlling my pace while I’m running so this actually proved to be a really good thing to do today so my legs could feel the pace consistently.

I watched Rachel Ray make Shepherds Pie and Genieve from HGTV decorate the white house for Christmas.  Once that was over I watched Carrie Bradshaw end her engagement to Aiden and just like that I was done.  82 minutes and 10 miles later I had conquered the treadmill!!

I headed straight home to see my girl Scarlett and we went for a walk accidentally ending up in a dog park.  She played really well with a Lab that was there when we got there but then a very very very large Great Dane/Dalmation mix showed up and she got more timid.  By the time about 10 more dogs ended up in the park, she was practically climbing up my legs for me to hold her.  I was so proud of her though, she did so great at first!

Tomorrow is an unusual day of no running since Saturday is the first 20 miler of this training round so it will be a yogi only day!!  Almost the weekend everyone!!