Birthday Dinner

Missing the group run was totally worth the dinner we had tonight.  Lindsey and I each had a glass of Riesling, both of us fans of sweet wine.  Casey ordered the special order of oysters for $8.95 and we hit the jackpot.  The waitress said we would probably get about a dozen but this is what showed up…

2012-12-05 20.14.26 copy

Clay, Casey and I probably each had a dozen, it was awesome.  Then I tried to make good choices had a salad with lobster, crab, shrimp, clams and white beans and a cup of clam soup.  I think I could eat endless amounts of seafood honestly.

2012-12-05 20.30.29 copy

We decided that we are going to go to the festival of lights in charleston sometime soon which I am so excited about.  I love Christmas so much and this is about as Christmasy as it gets.  We went with them last year and it was a blast.  You drive through three miles of christmas lights displays with music and everything.  Then at the end there is a store and marshmallow roasting and other goodies.  The best part is, we can take the dogs!

We also decided we are going to rent a house in Edisto (about 30 minutes away) in May hopefully (while I am on break from school) and go for a long weekend to hang out at the beach, have bon fires and just have a relaxing time.  I already can’t wait and it is months away, it just sounds like such a nice retreat!

The whole dinner was just so fun.  There is nothing better than a good night with great friends!

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

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