Victoria Secret Fashion Show

I just finished eating a fantastic cheese steak sandwich, (Casey makes them soooo good) and am watching Elf.  I then remembered that the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is on tonight in about an hour and a half.

Victoria Secret

So glad I chose THIS night to eat not so healthy.  However, I did manage to do this for my work out/run today…


…so I don’t feel quite so bad.  This was Yasso’s 800’s.  For those not familiar you run however much warm up you feel you need (I usually aim to split the amount of extra distance left over from the intervals in half and do half as warm up and half as cool down) then you run 800 intervals in the amount of time in minutes that is the goal to finish the marathon in hours.  Example: I want to try (heavy emphasis on try) to run a 3:35 this time so I have to run an 800 (half mile) in 3 minutes and 35 seconds (7:10 pace).  These HURT!

Sometimes (like today) I actually get scared of them.  I was sitting in class just thinking about having to do them and convincing myself it would be okay.  It of course was, no pain no gain right.

Lucky for me, my roommate had her massage practical today and I was her ‘patient’ so when I was done I knew I got to get a free rub down…talk about motivation.  The best part is I am being a ‘patient’ for two more tomorrow!!

I am always on the lookout for more speed workouts so if anyone has anything good, SHARE WITH THE CLASS!!

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