Music Moves My A**

I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t set out on a run without my Ipod.  A good round of music can make or break me on a run sometimes.  Ever since I got my iphone I have been using the Pandora work out stations but have recently returned to my old school running playlists.

The next race I am running has a pretty boring course and is small in numbers, so I know I needed to start work on a good playlist to keep myself moving.

Keep in mind while reviewing this thing, in a marathon (at least for me) every song can’t be up beat and moving or I will literally kill myself in the first 10 miles so I try to get a nice mix of up beat and a little more steady…

1.  SAIL by Awolnation

2.  A Matter of Time by Foo Fighters

3.  Valerie by Amy Winehouse

4.  Knock Out by Lil Wayne

5.  Lucifer by Jay-Z

6.  The House We Grew Up In by The Weeks

7.  My Body by Young The Giant

8.  DOA by Foo Fighters

9.  Wonderman by Tinie Tempah ft. Ellie Goulding

10.  Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia

11. Specturm (Say My Name) by Florence + The Machine

12.  99 Problems by Jay-Z

13.  Buttons by The Weeks

14.  Frontier City (B-Side) by Kings of Leon

15.  Strange Clouds by B.o.B ft. Lil Wayne

16.  Hey, Johnny Park!  by Foo Fighters

17.  You Wouldn’t Like Me by Tegan & Sara

18.  Stuntin Like My Only Swerving by BEARBOT

19.  Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by P!nk

20.  Blinding by Florence + The Machine

21.  Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

22. DLZ by TV on the Radio

23.  Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters

24.  Part Of Me by Katy Perry

25. Undo It by Carrie Underwood

26.  Will Do by TV on the Radio

27.  Guns and Horses by Ellie Goulding

28.  One More Night by Maroon 5

29.  Your Biggest Mistake by Ellie Goulding

30.  Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson

31.  Under the Sheets (Chiddy Bang Remix) by Ellie Goulding

32.  The Fighter by Gym Class Heros

33.  What Doesn’t Kill You by Kelly Clarkson

34.  Carolina Drama by The Raconteurs

35.  I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons

36.  Fly Over States by Jason Aldean

37.  Heart of a Champion by Nelly

38.  Blown Away by Carrie Underwood

39.  Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding

40.  Levels by Acicii

41.  My Hero by Foot Fighters

42.  Melt My Heart to Stone (Kickdrums Remix) by Adelle

43.  50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train

So far I have 2.8 hours of music.  Now as much as I would love to be able to run a marathon in 2.8 hours, thats just not going to happen so I need probably atleast another hour to be safe so I need suggestions!!