Back in the swing

I had the greatest work out today.  I got a good stretch in with the yoga for runners, went for a four mile easy run (though I just looked and it was supposed to be 3, oh well) and did the core workout.

We officially named the puppy Scarlett.  Today was quite a big day for the little girl.  We had our first vet visit.


And our first play date…


It took a while to get them actually playing together but we did pretty well at the end.

Tomorrow will be my first long run since the race.  I have just about enough of my book on tape (Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn) left to get me to the end of the run.  I am really excited to see how this book turns out.  The last one I listened too (also my first audiobook ever) was also by her.  I have grown very fond of listening to audio books while running.  I don’t think this would work well for shorter runs (at least for me) but it has been awesome for my long runs.  I highly recommend Gone Girl by her by the way.

Just a funny video to leave you with, gets me every time!!  Good luck on your long runs tomorrow/Sunday!