Finally a good training day…

After almost a week and a half of being derailed I finally had a good training run today.  I woke up bound and determined to get things done since we didn’t have any class today (which are usually the days I end up getting nothing done).  I got right to work on my paper and before I knew it I had five pages written.  Granted that is only half, I have a good start and most of tomorrow to finish up.

Once I hit the half way mark I told myself it was run time.  I put the puppy (still nameless) in her crate and hit the road.  Talk about motivation to run fast, I still feel so guilty crating her for any amount of time so I booked it so I wouldn’t be too much longer than an hour.

Todays run was supposed to be 9 miles total with 6 miles at marathon pace (8:12 min/mile) but I got moving early and pretty much maintained pace until the very end.  I got quite the side stitch with about 0.6 miles to go (probably because I forgot to eat lunch in my wave of productivity).  I ended up averaging about 7:57 in my excitement to get home.

I treated myself to a snack since it was approaching dinner time so I didn’t want to eat a full lunch that close.

Whole Grain Toast with Pumpkin Butter, Banana and Green Tea

Still not feeling 100% so I have been hitting the tea hard.  I have never really been a tea drinker except when I am sick but I think this time I may be hooked.  It will be nice to switch that up from the coffee every morning all the time.

Back to trying to knock out this paper.  One more day until the weekend and long run Saturday!!

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