Birthdays and Snowy Runs

Not to much to report in the last few days.  I have been far from perfect keeping to my schedule this week but have done enough that I don’t feel guilty at all.

Thursday (Thanksgiving) I didn’t even attempt to run…I knew it was pretty much out of the question with such a busy day.

Friday was my birthday (yay) and I knew I needed to get atleast 4 miles in but the weather was beautiful only requiring shorts and a tee shirt so I ended up going a little further since I knew I had cut my runs short in the days before.  I was able to hit 5.5 miles before calling it quits.

Today, as I was setting out on my long run it started to snow.  I knew this run was gonna be a struggle in the hills and then add snow and I was almost totally out of my element.  I had my new under armour compression pants that Casey got me for my birthday and enough other cold weather gear to convince myself to get out the door. Once I got moving it went pretty well, but I tapped out a few miles short because my throat was hurting so much from the cold air.

So I can’t say I did perfect on this vacation but I know I have done enough to be content and feel ready to get back into the thick of things when I get back.