Falling in Love Again


You know how in relationships when people are having a hard time, they take a trip to renew the relationship.  I think my relationship with running has really benefitted from this trip.  I know yesterday I said I struggled but since I am running in conditions I am not accustomed to, I have disregarded pace and distance and just run to feel good.  I’m on a honey moon with running and it is awesome!

I found a trail today and I think this really is where all my warm gushy feelings are coming from.  I felt like I could have run forever on the trail I was on, unfortunately it was already getting dark when I stepped out of the house to go run so I had to turn around before I really wanted to.  I loved that I had to be on my game, I had to think about my steps, jump over branches and practically climb trees.  My brain was totally focused on the run, it was so awesome to be just there in the run, enjoying where I was and what I was doing.

So I think what I learned today, is sometimes it is better to just run how I feel.  I had my watch with me but I didn’t look at it every mile like I usually do.  I got 5.12 glorious miles in and am now motivated to find some real trails in Charleston once we get back.  Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Eve run.  No runs for this girl tomorrow, just lots of food and watching football!


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