Hello From Easton, PA

Well we made it, and in much better time than last year.  We got in late and went straight to sleep.  This morning we woke up and had a delicious breakfast.  Pork Roll (Taylor Ham) and egg english muffins…yumm!!

Then the boys headed off to the thrift store to continue their tradition of ridiculous outfits for the football game on Thursday morning.  Last year, this is what they looked like…

Thanksgiving 2011

So while they went on that endeavor, I headed out for a run.  I forgot how much running here KICKS MY ASS, no matter how good of shape I am in!!  With the exception of the Cooper River Bridge, Charleston is flat flat flat.  However in Easton, I don’t think you could find 10 flat feet if you could make a million dollars doing it.

Where that stop sign is went up even more!  So, my schedule said I was to do 8 miles with hill repeats.  Since the whole dang run was hills repeats I did a few repeats and then just returned to steady running.  Making it 8 on this run was pretty much out of the question, so I made it to 5.04 miles and called it quits.  I’m fairly certain that means my long run Saturday is probably out, but I will get in as much as my body will let me this week and I will call it a success since we are on vacation and it is Thanksgiving.

The upside here is that I know I am getting a better workout in those 5 miles than I would have in the 8 at home so I say mission accomplished.  Plus, it is so darn pretty!

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