It’s amazing what you can do…

This morning I had a million things to get done before leaving this afternoon.  I needed to run and get to the gym, finish the laundry, deposit checks and get some gloves before my test at 1.

I am the last person that will get up early to work out, especially if there is other time in the day that I could go.  However, today, later didn’t exist so going early was my only option.  I have to say it is an awesome feeling to be done home and showered by 10 am and already have laundry going.  Talk about getting things done.

Just killing time here until I can go take my test at 1:00.  Afternoon tests are the worst, especially when there is nothing before because you just have to sit around and think about it and worry.  There is nothing left do to but wait and then hit the road…

Stay motivated this week, we can do it!! And if you have to, get it done early so you can GET IT DONE!!

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