Attempts to be Productive

I had a plan for the day and everything I was going to get done but life never quite goes as planned.  While I had some breakfast I watched the episode of Grey’s Anatomy from last night.  Then I hunkered down and watched a lecture, read my article for research and started my presentation.  As I was starting, Casey informed me he had come home for the day because he was sick and couldn’t stay at work…plans out the window.

I finished what I was working on and went for my run but the yoga went out the window.  Oh well, certainly won’t kill me and I know next week is going to be all crazy being away so as long as I get my long run in tomorrow I am content .

So after a half a day of accomplishing something, I had a lazy afternoon and then went to dinner with some friends.  My dinner was amazing, scallops with Cavelletti pasta (that may be spelled wrong).  I don’t have the recipe (sadly) but I had to share with all.

Back to the books now that we are home.  Going to meet the puppy tomorrow!!