Swimming to Class

Since I live in Charleston, at least once a month I get to practically swim to class.  Today was going to the that day.  In the summer the upside is that it is warm, but today it was in the 40’s, feel like in the 30’s says accuweather.  I don’t own rain boots so I decided I would take my sneakers off and just walk barefoot so I would at have dry shoes once I got to class.  Two other girls in my class and I met up on my corner and started trudging our way through.  As soon as I stuck my feet in the water I regretted even deciding to go to class.  It was freezing!!  We made it through but it was quite miserable.

Sarah in the River once known as Vanderhorst Street

After class, we had our exam and then I headed to the gym for a swim.  I did an interval swim and it was awesome, it really helped me stay entertained.  My only beef with swimming is how bored I get doing it, I’m usually bored with it way before I’m tired from doing it.  When I got home I did the Body Weight Lift and Core Work Out.  My abs were still pretty sore from Monday (as pathetic as that is) so I had to really struggle through the core work out.

No class tomorrow, so its officially the weekend for me.  Just gonna relax and watch the football game and hope Stevie Johnson has 4 touch downs!