Great turn of events

So I will do the obligatory exercise part of update first, then get to the exciting part of my day!

I switched up my Wednesday and Thursday on the schedule which I will probably do fairly often because I love running with the group at Lululemon down town and they only run on Wednesday.  They do 3 and 5 mile runs and today I had to do 7 so I strategically placed myself 2 miles away from the store and ran to the start of the group run.

We started all together (the 3 and 5 mile groups) and then got caught up chatting and got ahead of the 5 mile group with two of the people from the 3 mile group and were all discombobulated.  At about half way we all regrouped and figured who wanted to do which distance and continued on.  In the last mile my competitive side took over and another guy and I kept pushing the pace which was a fun way to finish.

After the group runs is the best part.  We went to a local bar/restaurant, the mellow mushroom and I had a bit too much of a half price bottle of wine and a house calzone.  I feel terrible that I didn’t take a picture of the deliciousness I called dinner.  When it came I said “this is huge, I will have to take the other half home for lunch tomorrow,” which turned out to be a huge joke because you know I ate the whole darn thing.  The group is awesome, each person there is just great and come from different backgrounds and are so fun to get to know and pass the miles with.  If I haven’t stressed it enough, if you haven’t tried a group, go try it because I leave happy I went every time!

Now to the great great great news…

The lady I called yesterday called me back with a proposition about a dog she has.  I was in class when I got this message so I anxiously endured the rest of my class until I could call her back.  When I did, she told me that she had a girl shepherd with an umbilical hernia that she would sell us for a much cheaper rate since we just wanted her for a pet.

Love of my Life

So this is her.  She is 8 1/2 weeks old.  We have no idea what we are going to name her and we haven’t even met her yet (we are going on Saturday).  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself and I know it is going to be even worse once we go meet her and then can’t bring her home until a week after that!

5 thoughts on “Great turn of events

    • Thanks! I can’t believe how much I love her already and I haven’t even met her yet…haha! You should get one, a dog makes the best running partner. This one won’t be able to run anything long with me because shepherds aren’t made to run distance (I will probably take her 4-5 tops once she is old enough) but you should look into a german short haired pointer or a catahoula…made to run distance making them your best friend ever!!

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