Rainy Day Runs

Today coming home from class I found the most beautiful German Shepherd puppy and her sister is still available…

I completely fell in love and we have been looking for MONTHS for a shepherd so I hurried and called the breeder when I got home but they are $700 and we just can’t swing that…so we are back on the hunt but now I am even more ambitious trying to find one.  If anyone has any insight into where to find affordable shepherd puppies in the south carolina area, please let me know!!

After I tore myself away from the puppy I went home and headed out for a run.  The morning had started so nice, upper 60’s and slightly overcast.  But about a mile in it took a turn for the worst.  By the time I hit the bottom of the bridge, the wind picked up to about 20 mph.  Now for those of you that don’t know the Cooper River Bridge, it is a formidable opponent in the best of conditions.  As soon as I got about half way done, it started raining and any hopes of keeping any pace went out the window and the new barometer for success was making it home.  At least once I got off the bridge the wind was less of a factor and I could actually enjoy the rain.  I actually love running in the rain if it isn’t cold, I feel like such a tough girl and I feel like everyone that drives by me is thinking that too.  Of course I’m sure they don’t even notice, but whatever gets me through.  Im sure it more like this kind of thing…

Im sure everyone has seen this but I still think it is hilarious (and probably true of me).

I rewarded myself for toughing it out with a night of not cooking and getting food from Whole Foods Buffett.  Sooo good.

Hope everyone had a great training Tuesday!!

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