First Day Back

The idea of the first day returning to training is usually way more glorious than the actuality of it.

First day back included the yoga for runners stretch, a four mile easy run and a total body lift.  Oh yeah, after I ate all sorts of delicious nonsense at a banquet lunch for my PT class.  We had the lunch from 12-1, had class from 1-2:30 and I came home, stretch and headed out to run by 2:45.

BAD CHOICE.  The run itself was fine, my legs felt awesome and my pace was good (avg: 7:50 miles for 4 miles).  My stomach however, starting at about 3/4 of a mile said “What the heck are you doing to me!?”  I was sooooo full, my stomach was just sloshing around and by mile 3 it said, “I win, I’m gonna cramp now.”  So I had to muscle it out at the end but I will never try to run an hour and a half after eating everything in sight.  One day I will stop making rookie mistakes even if it’s the day I die.

So tomorrow, when I go run I will eat a normal amount of food and give myself an appropriate amount of digestion time and I just may enjoy it just the teeniest bit more! 🙂

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