New Goals

Officially signed up for a new race today which means after Sunday, my fat, lazy time is over.  Back to the grind…

I registered for the Charleston Marathon, January 19th, 2012.  After running the half last year in the freezing cold on a fairly dull course I swore up and down I would never do it again, then I got an e-mail that said I could register for 15% off today (great reason to decide to run a marathon, right?) .

They have changed the course slightly since last year, and since I ran the half last year at least half of it is guaranteed to be new to me!  For those of you in or around Charleston that are thinking of doing it, here is the map.  It is super flat and fast (I ran my half marathon PR in this race).

The upside is that this will keep me on track through the holidays.  When I got home I devised a new training plan.  I adapted the miles from the last training plan (from Runners World) and added some cross training and lifting to the schedule.

For all the lifting, core and body weight (BW) exercises, I will upload those into the work out sections.  Yasso: run 800 in time in minutes you want to finish your race in hours (example: I want to run my next race in 3:35 hours so I will run an 800 in 3:35 minutes).  For mile repeats run those at 10k pace then rest/jog/walk in between.

*The mileage and speed work only for this plan came from Runner’s World magazine, I do not take credit for formulating this part of the plan!*

I also plan to flip flop Wednesday and Thursdays some weeks so that I can go to the group run at Lululemon.  I had such a great time last week!

Everyone running January Marathons/Half Marathons, get ready, get set…TRAIN!



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