Being from the North, Living in the South

On Thursdays, we just have one class (Motor Development).  The upside of this class is that we watch a lot of videos of cute babies in different developmental stages so that keeps things entertaining.  Today we were learning about climbing and how it is important for babies to fall to learn about gravity.  So naturally we watched videos of babies taking spills, one was so funny I had to share…

I mean the kid in the green, can that possibly be real?

Anyway, when I was biking home from class I saw people walking in hats, scarves, some even gloves and I remembered how funny I always thought this was last year.  It was between 50 and 60 today.  Perspective:  it snowed in my hometown yesterday.  Now I’m not saying I’m not the biggest baby in the world about being cold but come on people!  Last winter was so mild that I never really got to see what happens when it gets really cold, but I will be curious this year.

After having a good laugh about this I headed to the gym for a yoga session.  I really enjoyed this session, much more my speed than the Pilates.  When I got home I had some of the chicken salad I whipped up yesterday and some hummus and carrots.


After lunch, I hunkered down and got some work done (I only could manage about an hour) before I got sucked back into my book.  It is a very compelling read.  I will give an official recommendation (or not) once I finish, but so far so good.

For now, I sit enjoying some hot apple cider and hope Reggie Wayne has some type of very short term injury that just takes him out of this game for the sake of my fantasy week (all other fantasy players can relate to this notion).  To those of you that play, best of luck this week!

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