Being an Eagles fan…

As the Eagles roll into half time down 18 points to the Saints, I figured I needed a serious distraction from the roller coaster of emotion that comes with being an Eagles fan.

Today I decided to go oatmeal again due to the brisk fall morning that was upon us in Charleston.  I went with banana, peanut butter and honey.  This was a combination (in sandwich form) that comprised the majority of my lunches when I was on the beach patrol.  Boy do I miss those days.

Peanut butter, banana and honey oatmeal

After prepping a cup of coffee, I headed to class for the day.  I stretched off and on throughout the presentations in the morning (the benefit of being in PT school, no professors mind if you get up and stretch mid class).

After getting out significantly early, I went over to Dick’s sporting goods to get a bathing suit, cap and goggles so I could go for a swim to get a work out in but take some impact stress off my legs.  I rode my bike over to the gym excited about going swimming for exercise again, which I was hoping would last through the actual workout.  I haven’t swam for exercise since I stopped working on the beach patrol which was about a year and a half ago so I had no idea how this would go.  I set a goal to swim 1 mile (32 laps).  After splitting the swim into 3 sections (two sets of 11 laps and one set of 10) with 3 minute breaks for water in between.  The problem was I expected to be able to swim as fast as I had a few years ago which was not quite the case (as I should have predicted).  The swim was great though, I will definitely be incorporating some swimming as cross training in during training for the next race.

After biking home and showering, I made a good smoothie with the typical ingredients (plain Greek yogurt, skim milk, spinach, pineapple, strawberry and blueberries) and got some work done until it was time to have some dinner and watch football.

Mexican Bake Dinner

Which brings me to now, watching the Eagles down 21-3 against the Saints; at least I’m sitting with a nice fantasy win this week if nothing else.  Praying my boys will get it together in the second half.


One thought on “Being an Eagles fan…

  1. my little fishy!! thankfully there are no jetties in a pool!! haha the image of you swimming and running with that red helmet will always be in my mind!! xoxo

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