Night Before

We are back at the hotel after a day of travel and lots of race prep!  I got up and took a short jog around to loosen up the legs and did a nice stretch for about 15 minutes.  Then we got the car loaded up and hit the road down to Savannah.

Our hotel is about 4 miles outside of town so we drove in and found a parking spot (no easy feat) and walked down to the river where we caught a ferry over to the convention center!

On the Ferry

We bumbled around in the expo for about 2 hours trying on clothes and tasting every type of energy food on the market, which just left us super hyper once we met back up with the boys, whoops.  I kept myself fairly under control with so much cool stuff, leaving with just a head band and a new pair of tech socks.  I try to get a new pair for every race so some day I will actually have more than two pairs.  These ones are hot pink and sassy, but better than the black ones I had before.  I stayed with wright socks double layer sock that I have run in for a while, don’t fix what isn’t broken right?  So we headed back over into the downtown area to meet the boys and have some real food.

I had a delicious pasta diner at a place called Public and then JK and I headed back to the hotel to get everything in order and get to bed.  We have booked a cab, did some stretching, filled out emergency information, tried on clothes, set out Gus; all that is left is getting a good night’s sleep and calming the nerves before we set out in the morning.

Good night and sweet running dreams to all those in Savannah.  Kick some butt tomorrow!

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