Prep Day

Starting to get really really excited for the race.  I only had one class today and a seminar for radiology so I had plenty of time to run around and do last minute errands to get ready for the race…only 2 days away!!

After class I went to the grocery store and got the basics, a few smart waters, a gatorade, stuff to make a nice pasta dinner, pretzels (my favorite day before race snack –> Carbs + salt= good!), bagels and orange juice (because of course I woke up today with a stuffy nose and sore throat, so I am trying to nip that in the bud today).

When I got home I made a nice healthy lunch.  I always find myself eating much better the week leading up to the race, not that I’m usually bad but I am much more vigilant.

Spinach Salad with sliced strawberries, crushed pecans, feta and craisins with a raspberry vinagrette dressing

A few hours later I needed a snack before I headed to the seminar so I decided I should probably include some carbs.  While I was at the store I found pumpkin butter and of course was sucked in immediately so I thought some toast with pumpkin butter and an apple would hold me over until dinner!



For the rest of the afternoon I just did relaxing things: read a book, some stretching, casually packing, etc.

Now I have heard everything under the sun about the art of carb loading, the whole week before, night before, two nights before (if you wait until the night before it’s too late).  I have no idea so I figure if I get some the day before and two days before I should be covered.  So this is what I went with tonight…

Carb Load

Its pretty easy…I am getting the recipe up as soon as I post this!

So for now I will settle in, watch some football, pray Jamaal Charles doesn’t score any points (playing against him) and do some stretching to be ready to get up in the morning and head to Savannah!!

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