Pre-race Anticipation

With the race only 3 days away I took my last test of the week and can finally focus solely on the race.  I hadn’t really been able to get excited about it with other things occupying my mind, but now I am getting anxious.  I usually run to get out anxiety, but I’m trying to respect my taper (go figure) which says no more running until the race other than a short slow jog Friday!

I did make sure to get a good stretch in today, actually doing both the yoga for runners youtube video and my pre-run stretching routine.  I drank 2 full liters of water and had a hearty dinner for Casey’s dad’s birthday.  We had steak and chicken and tuna (a nice meat smorgosboard) some rice and squash and zucchini.  Pretty healthy and hearty three days out.  Tomorrow will be a pasta dinner for sure, hopefully some delicious variety, but we haven’t picked anything in particular yet.

After dinner, Jenna (my friend running her first half marathon) nailed down details for Friday getting down to the race and any tidbits of wisdom I could pass on to her from past race blunders.  Like, don’t wear a white tee-shirt and cotton socks to run your first marathon (yes, I actually did that and lived to regret it).  All the pre-race chatter assured us we were prepared, but just kept building the excitement by the minute.  Even more than being excited for my own race, I am so excited for her and my roommate Beth doing their first.  I just hope they can get as hooked as I have and keep them going after this one!!

P.S. Posted a chocolate chip scone recipe today, check it out!!