Finally a good training day…

After almost a week and a half of being derailed I finally had a good training run today.  I woke up bound and determined to get things done since we didn’t have any class today (which are usually the days I end up getting nothing done).  I got right to work on my paper and before I knew it I had five pages written.  Granted that is only half, I have a good start and most of tomorrow to finish up.

Once I hit the half way mark I told myself it was run time.  I put the puppy (still nameless) in her crate and hit the road.  Talk about motivation to run fast, I still feel so guilty crating her for any amount of time so I booked it so I wouldn’t be too much longer than an hour.

Todays run was supposed to be 9 miles total with 6 miles at marathon pace (8:12 min/mile) but I got moving early and pretty much maintained pace until the very end.  I got quite the side stitch with about 0.6 miles to go (probably because I forgot to eat lunch in my wave of productivity).  I ended up averaging about 7:57 in my excitement to get home.

I treated myself to a snack since it was approaching dinner time so I didn’t want to eat a full lunch that close.

Whole Grain Toast with Pumpkin Butter, Banana and Green Tea

Still not feeling 100% so I have been hitting the tea hard.  I have never really been a tea drinker except when I am sick but I think this time I may be hooked.  It will be nice to switch that up from the coffee every morning all the time.

Back to trying to knock out this paper.  One more day until the weekend and long run Saturday!!

Puppy Day!

Today I headed back to the grind, full day of classes and working at the free clinic we run for school at night and somewhere squeezing a run in.  Or so I thought…

Talk about a major fake out…

During my first class today, we got an e-mail that our afternoon lab was cancelled so from 12:30-6:00 I was now free giving me plenty of time to go get our girl.  Making it through the rest of my classes and heading out for a run was the hardest thing ever, only made more difficult by the fact that it started POURING rain when i was only 2 miles in to my 8 mile run.  Its like the universe doesn’t want me to run this race.  The plan was to finish but the rain only got harder and since I was already sick I took a turn heading home only making it 5 miles.  I did manage to get my 3 mile reps in each in <7:30 min/mile pace.  I am going to make the other three up tomorrow because I am bound and determined to have a good week this week.

I hurried through a shower and grabbed some food and climbed in the car to head to get her.  I had to stop by Petco and get the essentials (leash, collar, treats, food) and then I was down there within an hour.

She wasn’t the biggest fan of the car and cried for about 15 minutes but she finally fell asleep in my lap.  Heading to the clinic when I got back was so hard but I finished up in about two and a half hours and was able to head home and get her.

So now we are hanging out on the couch, she is passed out (quite a big day for her).  Wish she could head for my run with me tomorrow, but at the moment a block takes about 20 minutes, so we may have to give that some time…

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Traveling is always glamorous in theory, not so much in reality.  Yesterday we had to take two trains in Philly just to be able to get to the airport.  Then we wandered down just about every terminal in the whole place looking for food finally settling on Chickie & Petes which wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped it would be.  Part of the problem I’m sure is that I started getting sick through out Sunday and was in a full blown fit of congestion so I couldn’t really taste much.

We boarded the first plane and I settled in to my book.  I only had about 100 pages left and was in the thick of things so I passed that flight rather quickly.

Upon arriving in Atlanta, we took the plain train to our next terminal and found a starbucks.  I got a tall skinny peppermint mocha for a travel treat and then we headed to our gate to await our boarding call.

I once again kicked back in my uggs and tights and finished my book, leaving me with nothing for the next flight but the work I should have been getting done the whole time.  I only managed to get the introduction to my paper written in the short flight from Atlanta but at least I had accomplished something.

As the travel wore on I felt like I was just getting sicker and sicker so by the time I actually made it hope I was just getting frustrated.  They say if you are sick from the neck up that running might make it better and I really wanted to get back on track so I hit the road for a short, easy 4 miler.  I can’t say it made me feel better for long but I don’t think it made it worse so thats a plus.

So that got me wondering, do you run when you are feeling not your best?  And how do you know when it is okay and when it’s not?  Any insight will be much appreciated because I don’t think this is going anywhere fast…

Birthdays and Snowy Runs

Not to much to report in the last few days.  I have been far from perfect keeping to my schedule this week but have done enough that I don’t feel guilty at all.

Thursday (Thanksgiving) I didn’t even attempt to run…I knew it was pretty much out of the question with such a busy day.

Friday was my birthday (yay) and I knew I needed to get atleast 4 miles in but the weather was beautiful only requiring shorts and a tee shirt so I ended up going a little further since I knew I had cut my runs short in the days before.  I was able to hit 5.5 miles before calling it quits.

Today, as I was setting out on my long run it started to snow.  I knew this run was gonna be a struggle in the hills and then add snow and I was almost totally out of my element.  I had my new under armour compression pants that Casey got me for my birthday and enough other cold weather gear to convince myself to get out the door. Once I got moving it went pretty well, but I tapped out a few miles short because my throat was hurting so much from the cold air.

So I can’t say I did perfect on this vacation but I know I have done enough to be content and feel ready to get back into the thick of things when I get back.

Falling in Love Again


You know how in relationships when people are having a hard time, they take a trip to renew the relationship.  I think my relationship with running has really benefitted from this trip.  I know yesterday I said I struggled but since I am running in conditions I am not accustomed to, I have disregarded pace and distance and just run to feel good.  I’m on a honey moon with running and it is awesome!

I found a trail today and I think this really is where all my warm gushy feelings are coming from.  I felt like I could have run forever on the trail I was on, unfortunately it was already getting dark when I stepped out of the house to go run so I had to turn around before I really wanted to.  I loved that I had to be on my game, I had to think about my steps, jump over branches and practically climb trees.  My brain was totally focused on the run, it was so awesome to be just there in the run, enjoying where I was and what I was doing.

So I think what I learned today, is sometimes it is better to just run how I feel.  I had my watch with me but I didn’t look at it every mile like I usually do.  I got 5.12 glorious miles in and am now motivated to find some real trails in Charleston once we get back.  Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Eve run.  No runs for this girl tomorrow, just lots of food and watching football!


Hello From Easton, PA

Well we made it, and in much better time than last year.  We got in late and went straight to sleep.  This morning we woke up and had a delicious breakfast.  Pork Roll (Taylor Ham) and egg english muffins…yumm!!

Then the boys headed off to the thrift store to continue their tradition of ridiculous outfits for the football game on Thursday morning.  Last year, this is what they looked like…

Thanksgiving 2011

So while they went on that endeavor, I headed out for a run.  I forgot how much running here KICKS MY ASS, no matter how good of shape I am in!!  With the exception of the Cooper River Bridge, Charleston is flat flat flat.  However in Easton, I don’t think you could find 10 flat feet if you could make a million dollars doing it.

Where that stop sign is went up even more!  So, my schedule said I was to do 8 miles with hill repeats.  Since the whole dang run was hills repeats I did a few repeats and then just returned to steady running.  Making it 8 on this run was pretty much out of the question, so I made it to 5.04 miles and called it quits.  I’m fairly certain that means my long run Saturday is probably out, but I will get in as much as my body will let me this week and I will call it a success since we are on vacation and it is Thanksgiving.

The upside here is that I know I am getting a better workout in those 5 miles than I would have in the 8 at home so I say mission accomplished.  Plus, it is so darn pretty!

It’s amazing what you can do…

This morning I had a million things to get done before leaving this afternoon.  I needed to run and get to the gym, finish the laundry, deposit checks and get some gloves before my test at 1.

I am the last person that will get up early to work out, especially if there is other time in the day that I could go.  However, today, later didn’t exist so going early was my only option.  I have to say it is an awesome feeling to be done home and showered by 10 am and already have laundry going.  Talk about getting things done.

Just killing time here until I can go take my test at 1:00.  Afternoon tests are the worst, especially when there is nothing before because you just have to sit around and think about it and worry.  There is nothing left do to but wait and then hit the road…

Stay motivated this week, we can do it!! And if you have to, get it done early so you can GET IT DONE!!

Guilty…well not so much

Yesterday I woke up and was soooo excited because we were going to see the puppy.  The last thing I wanted to do was go for a long run so I started to research reasons why I shouldn’t.  (Now there is some dedication for you!)  I found article after article after article that said you should take a few weeks before doing a long run again after running a marathon.  So I took that advice to heart of course.  Thats right, I skipped it.  Now I won’t be able to take a few weeks off because the race is in 9 weeks but I didn’t do it yesterday and I don’t even feel bad about it!

Even greater news…

We Officially Got Our Puppy!

We aren’t bringing her home until Tuesday or Wednesday after Thanksgiving but she is officially ours.  I am so happy and excited and everything good all rolled into one.  Just trying to stay distracted watching football, studying, anything I can think of until that day!

Disclaimer about the coming week: I am going to try my best to stay updated next week while we are away but I have no idea what my internet access is going to be like!!  If I can’t post, every one do your damndest to eat well and keep running over Thanksgiving week.  If you can make it through this week, you can make it through any week!

Attempts to be Productive

I had a plan for the day and everything I was going to get done but life never quite goes as planned.  While I had some breakfast I watched the episode of Grey’s Anatomy from last night.  Then I hunkered down and watched a lecture, read my article for research and started my presentation.  As I was starting, Casey informed me he had come home for the day because he was sick and couldn’t stay at work…plans out the window.

I finished what I was working on and went for my run but the yoga went out the window.  Oh well, certainly won’t kill me and I know next week is going to be all crazy being away so as long as I get my long run in tomorrow I am content .

So after a half a day of accomplishing something, I had a lazy afternoon and then went to dinner with some friends.  My dinner was amazing, scallops with Cavelletti pasta (that may be spelled wrong).  I don’t have the recipe (sadly) but I had to share with all.

Back to the books now that we are home.  Going to meet the puppy tomorrow!!

Swimming to Class

Since I live in Charleston, at least once a month I get to practically swim to class.  Today was going to the that day.  In the summer the upside is that it is warm, but today it was in the 40’s, feel like in the 30’s says accuweather.  I don’t own rain boots so I decided I would take my sneakers off and just walk barefoot so I would at have dry shoes once I got to class.  Two other girls in my class and I met up on my corner and started trudging our way through.  As soon as I stuck my feet in the water I regretted even deciding to go to class.  It was freezing!!  We made it through but it was quite miserable.

Sarah in the River once known as Vanderhorst Street

After class, we had our exam and then I headed to the gym for a swim.  I did an interval swim and it was awesome, it really helped me stay entertained.  My only beef with swimming is how bored I get doing it, I’m usually bored with it way before I’m tired from doing it.  When I got home I did the Body Weight Lift and Core Work Out.  My abs were still pretty sore from Monday (as pathetic as that is) so I had to really struggle through the core work out.

No class tomorrow, so its officially the weekend for me.  Just gonna relax and watch the football game and hope Stevie Johnson has 4 touch downs!