Did you say Chocolate milk?

So mixed news today…I went to the doctor to see what the heck has been going on since I gave blood and he basically said I did the opposite of blood doping myself (womp womp).  Good news is, he said the next week or so may be tough but I should be back to almost normal by the race (yay!!).  He also said not to give blood while training for a marathon again, its not really the best plan, POINT TAKEN!

Today, after doing the yoga for runners routine to stretch, I did a 9 mile run at “marathon goal pace”.  My goal for pace is around 8:20-8:30 miles but I am really terrible at staying in this range on ‘shorter’ runs (I know 9 miles isn’t short, but it is shorter than 26.2).  I ended up around an 8:10 pace, valiant effort at staying close to the range.  More importantly I felt pretty good, but am quite tuckered out now.  ALSO!  The shoes that I was so excited to try were great: no blisters, no funky running changes, just nice, cushy running!

Now, the title gets its meaning…

After finishing the marathon in Nashville, exhausted from the crazy hills and the 90 degree heat the first beverage I was offered was chocolate milk…I laughed in their face.  Direct quote was…

“would you like me to throw up on you?” 

However after passing it up post race, I was intrigued.  So when I got home I decided I would give it a go.  I drink regular, dairy milk usually but I love the way the Silk Soy Chocolate tastes so I picked up some of that.  I had no idea what it did for you, but boy was it something to look forward to when I got home from a run.  So I did a little research tonight and found an article from the exercise science department at Southern Connecticut State that said…”skeletal muscle protein turnover, leucine kinetics, and performance measures suggest unique benefits of milk compared with a CHO-only beverage.”  I’m thinking to get the benefits the experts as screaming about right now I may need to switch over to dairy chocolate milk post run, but the Silk will stay in the fridge because it is simply delicious.

As soon as I pick up some dairy chocolate milk and give it a go, I will keep you posted.  For now, I sign out to hopefully watch the 49ers beat the Seahawks (because the boyfriend (Casey) is a niners fan and my life is wayyyy better when they win).

Until next time, run on baking friends.

Yogi day

This morning I woke feeling particularly domestic and made homemade apple cinnamon oatmeal!  It was a delicious start to my day leaving me energized to go to my one class and do LOTS of errands.
I officially got my absentee ballot information sent it (hopefully not too late) and got new sneakers!  The Foot Store in Mount Pleasant was incredibly helpful and got me set up in some Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.  I can hardly wait to try them out tomorrow!


Since I started this marathon training plan I am on, I have religiously taken my Wednesday rest day, doing no activity.   However, in light of my decision to make this month a focus on flexibility I decided I would try some yoga.  Last night I looked up when the yoga classes were offered at my school gym and of course the only one was scheduled during my one obligation of the day.  So in lieu of that I youtube-ed a yoga for runners that I could try.  I selected this short one (click here for video) that I enjoyed and may even decide to add to my pre-run ritual.  I had intended to find something a little longer but this worked great (down and dirty, hitting every runners trouble spots).  If anyone has any online yoga program they especially like, I would love some suggestions as I get started with this!

Promise to get some baked treats in this weekend.  I usually TRY to stick pretty healthy and hearty during the week (I stress try) and on Sundays really indulge in some well deserved football food and treats.  So the good stuff is coming I promise!

Until next time, run on baking friends!


So, I decided to start this blog at an odd time, in the taper portion of training for my third marathon in Savannah, GA.  The race is in two and a half weeks and I have been set to run a PR by like 20 minutes (previous race in Nashville in April 3:54:49) and hopefully qualify for Boston until I did something stupid…

A friend of a friend was having a blood drive after a terrible accident and my stupid anemic self decided to give blood, three weeks before the race…STUPID!

So needless to say I am paying for that choice and my last few runs have been HARD, todays included.  The only thing getting me through was the smoothie I promised myself when I got home.

Work Out:

2.5 mile warm up

3×1 mile repeats at 10k pace (between 7:35-7:45) with 1/2 mile recovery intervals in between

2.5 mile cool down

Total: 9 miles

Everything was going great until the last mile repeat and then KABOOM my legs weighed 10000 pounds.  I decided to slow the pace for the last repeat and finish the run and get to my smoothie.

However! Positive of the day is that I have decided this month is going to be focus on flexibility month and I focused 10 minutes on basic stretches (hamstrings, glutes, calves, quads).  I, like most runners, neglect the stretch part of my work outs, so if you do too…take this month and focus on your flexibility!!

Todays treat:

1/2 cup fat free greek vanilla greek yogurt
1/2 cup of spinach (need that iron!)
1/3 cup frozen strawberries
1/3 cup frozen blueberries
1/3 cup frozen pineapples
Blend and enjoy it…you’ve earned it!

Until next time…run on baking friends!


I am a runner that loooooves to bake (and of course then eat)!!  I think the running came from the desire to eat but then I luckily fell in love.  I am from Delaware but now live in Charleston, SC to go to Physical Therapy school.

I know a busy life and want to inspire other crazed students and professionals to live a healthy but balanced (we need to sweet baked goods for brain health I’m certain) life.  As I journey to someday finish school, become a better runner and bake my way through the ups and downs I hope I can bring some of you along with me for the ride!!

Until next time, run on baking friends.

Me (left) an my lovely friend JK post IOP 10k, looking forward to some beer carbs!!