Today in my prosthetics class we had a few athletes that has prosthesis come in.  The man that talked to us was young (I think around 30) and had a below knee amputation two years ago.  A mere 5 months after the procedure he completed his first triathlon, ever.  He has since competed in many races and is hoping to complete a full iron man.  If that doesn’t provide some inspiration, I don’t know what would.

After speaking with him for quite a while, the topic of Oscar Pistorius came up.  Because this was such a hot topic for so long, I had to share here what I learned today so that more people can know the truth of the situation.

Oscar Pisorius

A normal anatomic foot returns 200% of the energy put in to it (talk about an efficient machine, and ever more reason to prove we were made to run).

The highest energy return of any prosthetic foot has been only 90%!

I’d say that is about as much proof positive that not only did this man not have an advantage, but actually had about a 110% disadvantage compared to his able bodied athletes.

I know from now on when I get the niggle of an idea to chicken out on a run, I will remember of these athletes who have to give 110% more than I do to get exactly where I am.  Plus, not only is the guy from today is running the same race I am thinking of running in January, I’m pretty sure he is gonna beat me!

Check out these athletes and their team at:

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