So as Charleston sits on a beautiful, crisp, fall 65 degree day with sun my hometown is nearly completely under water.  The top picture I took right before I left to move down here and is of the same railroad bridge that is barely visible in the bottom picture.  Now, I realize it isn’t the same angle but I think you can get my drift.  Keeping all my family and friends in Delaware in mind as they battle it out with this ‘monster’ of a storm!

That being said, I took full advantage of the awesome weather here and went out for a 4 mile jog.  I kept it nice and slow just keeping my legs going this last week before the race.  I felt good, better than good actually.  I know I wasn’t pushing myself at all, but I felt like I could trot around like that all day which is a pretty amazing feeling 5 days before a race.  All that is left is a few good days of stretching and a SLOW SLOW SLOW jog Friday just to get my muscles moving before heading to Savannah.

5 days to go!!

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