Mind Games

Waking up this morning to 40 mph winds and rain told me I was heading to the gym to play some mind games; the rain I’m fine with, but wind is my arch nemesis.  I don’t care what anyone says, anything over 5 miles on a treadmill is a stamina run.

After accepting my fate, my friend Jenna who is running the half next weekend asked me to come with her to the gym she goes to and I agreed thinking maybe there lies strength in numbers.  That didn’t prove to be the case.  College football proved to be my savior!

For some strange reason the Delaware game was on regular cable here in South Carolina which was awesome so I threw that on to start which got me about a mile in.  I hit the FSU game until that got out of hand and then went over to the Florida vs. Georgia game until half and finishing the run.  I had to start playing some serious games though as soon as the Delaware game clicked off…

1.  Don’t look at the time/distance unless its the start or end of a set of commercials

2.  Change the speed between 6.6 and 6.7 at the end of every mile

3.  Take Gu energy gel at 6 miles

This worked out decently well until the last mile where I ended up checking time and distance at the end of every play.

The treadmill is such an interesting beast to me, I can’t figure out how it is possible that a 12 mile run could be harder, more painful and take so much longer (in my head) than a 20 mile on land.

All I can say is it’s done, tomorrow is Sunday, and there are only 7 miles standing between me and the race!!

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