Big Girl Yoga

I ended up going to the yoga class last night.  I was really hoping for a stretching, calming, get ready for the race experience and this is not quite what I got.  The class I went to did some stretching but did a lot more strength and balance which will be so great in two weeks once this race is over.  I am pretty sure I’m going do have November be a focus on strength month and wasn’t sure how I was going to fit the stretching in with the strength and continue to run, but this is going to part of a great solution!!

The best part of the class had to have been when the instructor had us move our mats close to the wall.  I had no idea where this was headed but was keeping an open mind.  Then this woman propped herself up on her elbows (known as Crows pose if you know these things) and then tipped over and lifted her body into a head stand.  I thought there was no way in the world I could possibly do this but figured I would be a good sport and take a whack at it.  After smashing my face into the mat about three times getting into Crows pose I finally got it and proceeded to push my legs into the air with great effort.  Talk about feeling accomplished!

I will definitely be adding this to my weekly routine for the shear fun of it all and for the fact that I woke up with sore shoulders, back and abs so I must have really been working hard!

Side note about all this stretching, the difference I have seen in my flexibility just from this one week of really paying attention to what I am doing is astounding.  I can put my heels on the ground in downward dog now and touch the floor with straight legs.  I can see this difference in my running as well, not struggling through my first mile or so getting loosened up.  Who knew that stretching could make such a difference (and how sad that after learning this for a year and a half in PT school that I just started doing it!)

Heading off to take a test, hopefully the zen from yoga last night will carry over into my test taking mind set!