Giving in

After a quite productive day of class, lab and running errands I did the yoga stretching routine (1 week of stretching strong!) and headed on a 6 mile run.  I always forget how much I love the taper until it is here and then I totally revel in it.  I am feeling much more back to normal and my subconscious decided that meant I got a good afternoon, post-run study snack.  Before I was even dressed after getting out of the shower a bite of pumpkin scone magically appeared in my mouth, so I of course had to finish it…

Pumpkin Scone and Hot Apple Cider

I paired this with nice warm, fresh apple cider before hunkering down for an afternoon of studying.  What is it about a good, sweet snack that can get me focused on the task at hand?

Tomorrow is a nice rest day, maybe try to attend a real big girl yoga class!  If I do, there will I’m sure be funny stories to follow.