Running Couples

Every day while I’m out running, I see at least one couple making the trek together.  This was always something I had hoped for in my significant other.  From the time I started life-guarding in Rehoboth Beach, through college while my roommate proceeded to run a marathon with her long time boyfriend, even after the big move to Charleston seeing fit couples galloping about I had hoped this would someday be in my future.  Then I met Casey, Mr. I Blew My Knee Out Twice and realized this wasn’t going to be in the cards.

But about a month ago, Casey proposed a run together; one of my shorter ones, around 4 miles.  Not sure how it was going to go, we headed out and he did surprisingly well considering he probably hadn’t run in a year and I was midway through training for another marathon.  I was almost bitter at how well he could keep up (ha ha).  After that week, Monday became the day we hit the road together.  It has become my favorite run of the week, we keep each other competitive (him always challenging my stubby legs) but keep each other in check and the miles fly by.

So maybe I won’t be running a marathon with him, but the Monday Runday is just as good.
P.S. Nailed a big fantasy win this week, so just cherry on top of this day!

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